A Note

I’m new to the art of homemaking and personal finances. I’m currently learning and teaching myself now; it’s a struggle, but I’m learning. Jared and I want to homeschool our future children. As such, as a part of our homeschooling curriculum, I want very much to teach our future sons & daughters about budgeting, taxes, insurance, home expenses, savings, retirement, etc. in addition to meal planning, cooking, cleaning, home repairs, living minimally & frugally, etc. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I’d love to begin teaching them when they’re young by beginning with basic concepts, and then continually progressing with more as they go through grade school. I want to lovingly involve them, teach them, and help them.

So, as a part of my weekly routine, I’m making a point to learn more about homemaking and personal finances. I want to be knowledgeable and capable. It’s proving to be very wonderful and beneficial to me and my husband now, and I’m so excited to be more competent in these areas, thus more capable of teaching. Jared and I would also love to teach our children Greek (Jared will soon begin teaching me), and reading more good books is another important goal of mine. In a nutshell, I’ve created my own personal curriculum for myself: homemaking, personal finances, theology, literature, and music; and to be honest, I absolutely love it.

This is why a lot of my posts are in regards to homemaking and finances. Again, being newly married and a new homemaker, I’m learning a lot about home, life, finances, and wellness. As such, many of my posts will reflect questions I’m confronted with, and thus, what I’m learning in the home. It’s also a helpful way for me to learn, as I tend to think through topics more thoroughly by organizing and writing information out. I love learning, and I love how it makes me feel more capable. So, happy learning. Never stop.


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