Lowering Your Utility Bill

A few simple, no-cost ways to help lower energy costs (electric, heat, cool, water):

  • Turn off lights, appliances, and unnecessary electronics when not in use. Do a  nightly sweep and turn off and unplug electric devices before going to bed.
  • Plug home electronics (computers, TVs) into power strips and turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use.
  • Set your water heater no higher than 120 degrees.
  • Use appliances efficiently. Only run full loads when using your dishwasher and clothes washer. Use cold water on your clothes washer when you can.
  • Run your dishwasher or washing machine between the hours of 7 PM and noon (Source | Real Simple).
  • Summer: Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher (if you’re able). Set it to 85 degrees or higher when you’re out of the house for more than four hours. Ceiling fans help improve the comfort of your home. Change your air-conditioning filter every 30 days.
  • Winter: Set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees when home, and 60 degrees when away or sleeping. Change your furnace filter every 30 days days (and have it checked annually).
    • Basically, during the wintertime: sweatshirts, scarves, blankets, slippers, and hot drinks are cozy and comfy necessities.
  • Set your thermostat fan to AUTO.
  • Monitor which windows and doors are opened and closed when heating or cooling your home.

Helpful sources: One (Colorado Springs Utilities) | Two (Energy.Gov)

Live simply (efficiently, effectively, minimally).


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