Natural Household Cleaning Brands


Here are some top natural cleaning product  brands (Note: these aren’t DIY blends):

  1. Common Good | For the chic-and-healthy Brooklynite
  2. Method | For non-toxic newbies weaning themselves off Scrubbing Bubbles
  3. Mrs. Meyer’s | For the mostly-natural convenience seeker
  4. Grab Green | For the fragrance averse
  5. The Honest Company | For the healthy mom (and the celeb influenced)
  6. Seventh Generation | For the eco-conscious cleaner
  7. Gaia Natural Cleaners | For the indie brand supporter
  8. Caldrea | For the scent obsessed

Here are some resources however for natural homemade cleaning recipes if you’re interested (plus, it’s just good information to know):

Here are a few helpful articles:

Personally, I prefer natural cleaning products over do it yourself recipes. Maybe I’ll get into making my own cleaning products from scratch one day, but for now, my choice of brands to try are: Mrs. Meyer’s and Seventh Generation. They’re all natural, safe, effective, sell at a good price, and I’m able to easily purchase them online (We live in the sticks). Mrs. Meyer’s has a greatonline store and offers their products through Amazon Prime Pantry, I’m able to purchase Seventh Generation products through Amazon, and both brands are available through Vitacost, something I’d also like to look into.

Until I try them though I’m not able to tell you which brand I prefer over the other (Mrs. Meyer’s vs. Seventh Generation). I decided it was best not to purchase any new products until I finish the products I currently have (trying to save money), but I’m quite excited for when I’ll be able to! I also need to do research on which outlet is most cost effective, Vitacost or Amazon Prime.

Do you have a natural cleaning product brand you absolutely love? Have you ever tried Mrs. Meyer’s or Seventh Generation products? Which ones are your favorites? Any thoughts on Vitacost vs. Amazon Prime? I’d love to know!


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