Organizing Ideas For The Bathroom

A relaxing get-ready routine is oh so nice, so here are some organizing ideas to help make that happen.

  • Store products in jars, bags, and baskets for easy in and out storage.
  • Leave everyday essentials on the counter in clear containers (ex: hand soap, toothbrushes, etc.). Cotton swabs, soap, and bath salts look great in clear glass containers. This method is also helpful in seeing when supplies are dwindling.
  • Utilize built in shower shelves, or use a hanging organizer for your shower necessities.
  • Use top drawers for products you use several times a week. (Drawer dividers are helpful for storing makeup.)
  • Toss old or tired products.
  • Keep toiler paper in a nearby bin, basket, or storage shelf.
  • Keep daily skin care essentials nearby for easy access.
  • Arrange back up supplies in a closet or closed cabinet.
    • Tip: Buy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in bulk and store them here. Put the products into smaller bottles for the shower.
  • Finish the products you have before buying anything new.
  • Decorate simply: reed diffusers, greenery, woven baskets, and apothecary jars are calming and lovely.

Helpful sources: One (Real Simple)| Two (Darling Magazine)

Do you have any other practical tips for keeping your bathroom organized? I’d love to know!


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