Simplifying Your Phone


Life is busy, no doubt. You have passions and responsibilities that you have to beautifully and efficiently accomplish throughout the day and thanks to technology, your smartphone is quite a nifty tool in helping you to do so. As such, having an organized phone is a wonderful thing.

Tips for simplifying your phone:

  • Change your lock screen and wallpaper so something that makes you feel calm (ex. oceans, mountains, bonfires, stars).
  • Turn off your notifications for everything except text messages and phone calls.
  • Keep apps you use everyday on your home screen and move others to the next pages.
  • Organize your most used apps into folders.
    • For example, my folders are:
      • Auto (Insurance, Google Maps, Fuelly, GasBuddy)
      • Finance (Bank, Budgeting)
      • Learn (DuoLingo)
      • Office (Mail, Calendar, Tasks/Notes, Time Log)
      • Photo (Gallery, Flickr, VSCOcam)
      • Stream (Music, Pandora, YouTube)
      • Social (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WordPress)
      • Theology (Ligonier, Hymns)
      • Tools (Flashlight, Calculator, Clock)
      • Wellness (Clue, SleepBot, Nike+ Training Club)

Simplifying your phone is so freeing, and having helpful apps (that are beautifully organized on your phone) helps you to stay on track and organized as well. What are ways you like to organize/simplify your phone? What apps do you absolutely love?


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