Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Tuesday is laundry day in our household; a load is running, I’m to start on lunch in a bit, I have a lot of organizing plans for later today, and in the meantime, work is quite busy for me. I have a major deadline for the end of this week and to help me stay focused and boost productivity, I’m trying out the 52 minute 17 minute concept (see article #4) and listening to Noisli (see #9). I’m really liking it!


  1. Lemon Pesto Spaghetti Squash (Love & Lemons) | Yum
  2. Severus Snape – Important Scenes in Chronological Order (YouTube) | Always, Alan Rickman
  3. 14 Genius Tips for Living in a Small Space (A Cup of Joe) | Home/Cabin Life
  4. 12 Work Hacks to Keep You Sharp & Focused Throughout the Day (Huffington Post) | Work
  5. Agnus Dei – Sacred Choral Music (YouTube) | Music
  6. Biblical Theology Course (Biblical Training) | Lectures
  7. Helps for Doubting Christians (Ligonier Ministries) | Encouragement
  8. Vizualize.me App (Vizualize.me) | App
  9. Noisli (Lovely background noises) | Sounds
  10. How to Purge Your Closet (Almost Makes Perfect) | Simplicity

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