Happy Exploring! 10 Links I Love

I’m finally starting to feel like I’m on the mend after being sick and I’m so looking forward to feeling normal again soon! As such, my day was a little more productive than my stay in bed, rest, & eat unimaginable amounts of citrus days: I was able to get a lot more done and catch up on work; I cleaned, organized, finished laundry, read more on YNAB budgeting, and researched taxes for receiving a 1099 for work. Done and done. Anyways, here are ten links I stumbled across throughout the week. Enjoy.

  1. 5 Around the House Hair-Dos (Hey Natalie Jean) | Beauty
  2. A Place to Start for Spiritually Stuck People (Desiring God) | Encouragement
  3. Why Minimalism is for You (The Everygirl) | Minimalism
  4. Doctrines of Grace – Categorized Scripture List (Monergism) | Theology
  5. 5 Ways to Feel Productive Before 9 AM (The Glitter Guide) | Life
  6. 35 Things to Cross Off Your Winter Bucket List (Darling) | Life
  7. The Cure for Envy (Challies) | Encouragement
  8. My Cleaning Routine (Mama Watters) | Home
  9. How to Trim Your Own Bangs (Camille Styles) | Beauty
  10. How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive (The Everygirl) | Home

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