Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Had quite a day today – the rest of this week, next week, and the week after will be just as trying. Jared is so caring and loving, and I’m so thankful for my sweet husband. Also, I achieved an accomplishment today: I finished reading my first book of twenty sixteen, woo hoo! It took a lot of forceful determination, but I’m very glad I pressed on. It also feels quite satisfying to be picking up and starting on another book.

Here are ten links I came across throughout the week. Enjoy.

  1. Printable Monthly Calendar (Emily Ley) | Organization
  2. Silmarillion Guide (The Council of Elrond) | Books, Reading
  3. Three Kids Share One Masterfully Organized Montreal Bedroom (Apartment Therapy) | Home/Cabin Living
  4. Smart Money Habits to Take to Heart This Year (Apartment Therapy) | Personal Finances, Budgeting
  5. Beauty Rituals: The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing (FP Blog) | Beauty, Wellness
  6. February Moon Calendar (FP Blog) | Organization
  7. How to Dry Brush-and Why It’s So Potent (Goop) | Beauty, Wellness
  8. What’s In My Bag (FP Blog) | Style, Inspiration
  9. Gluten-Free Maple Nut Granola (Webb Haus) | Yum
  10. The Reasons Why Getting Rid of Stuff Actually Saves You Money (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Organization

Happy exploring! (And I might post another ’10 Links I Love’ post this week. There were so many neat articles!).


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