Parenting & Social Media

I recently came across a few articles regarding why some parents choose not to post anything about their children online. It’s a very interesting concept – Jared and I both know we want to be oh so careful in regards to social media and what we post about our future kiddos, and while I like the idea that the following articles present, it would so, so hard to *not* post anything. I mean, I would want so badly to share beautiful and cute pictures of my perfect future children with friends and family across social media. It’s a great way to keep everyone included and updated. I suppose post cards and letters do just as well, but they do cost some money and take a lot of preparation. What are your thoughts?

We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online (Amy Webb) | Parenting, Social Media

Why I Don’t Post About My Kids Online (Wellness Mama) | Parenting, Social Media

Not All Parents Post Photos of Their Babies on Facebook (The Huffington Post) | Parenting, Social Media

Again, it’s a very interesting idea. I’m not sure what this will look like going forward for Jared and myself, or if we’ll even do it. But nonetheless, we know that we want to be very careful about what we choose to post online (when the times comes).


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