Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love, + a Few More

  1. Why I Don’t Wear Jeans to Church (The Monday Heretic) | Worship, Style
  2. 3 Ways I Share in the Pastor’s Study (Megan Hill, The Gospel Coalition) | Seminary Student’s/Pastor’s Wife, Encouragement
  3. 4 Ways to Battle Bitterness (Jen Wilkin, The Gospel Coalition) | Encouragement
  4. Free Blogger Templates (Theme Xpose) | Blogger *I don’t use blogger, but ooh, many of these themes are perfect
  5. The Easiest Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipe (FP Blog) | Yum
  6. Han Solo Family Portrait (Imgur) | Awesome, Nerd *Warning: contains spoilers
  7. Real Life Solutions for Apartments with No Closets (Apartment Therapy) | Home/Cabin Life, Organization
  8. How Not To Embarrass People Who Use Your Bathroom (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Bathroom Organization
  9. Amazon’s Next Venture is…Physical Bookstores (Apartment Therapy) | Interesting, Books
  10. Lionsgate acquires film rights to Magic Tree House books (EW) | Interesting, Movies *I hope they do it well!
  11. The Fryer Salon (Elephantine) | Inspiration, Art
  12. My Week in Objects (Mostly) (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Inspiration
  13. How to Organize Open Shelving in a Kitchen (Lay Baby Lay) | Home/Cabin Life, Organization

Enjoy. Happy Monday, and happy exploring.


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