Who Has the Right-of-Way? | Driving

Who has the right of way at a four way stop?

  • First to Stop = First to Go.
  • Farthest Right Goes First (if you stop at the same time).
  • Straight Traffic Goes First (when directly across from each other, the one going straight goes first).
  • When in Doubt, Bail Out.

(Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Who has the right of way at a two way stop?

  • Firstly, remain stopped until all cross/through traffic is gone.
  • Secondly, there is no clear answer for this question and scenario. I tried to look up a direct answer and no such one exists. I read a suggestion stating that in an effort to get an answer, contacting your state’s DMV to determine who yields to whom at a two-way stop after through traffic has cleared is a good way to go.
  • Update: I contacted Colorado’s DMV and here is a reply from the Driver’s License Administration’s Driver Testing and Education Manager: Usually the person who makes the stop first gets the next right of way, however, do not assume the other person knows of this etiquette. Always yield if there’s a chance of a dangerous act.

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