Filing Taxes | Organizing Records

I’m in the beginnings of officially organizing everything we’ll need to bring to our accountant for filing taxes. An accountant definitely takes away a lot of the stress associated with taxes, especially in our situation; having gotten married in the middle of last year, moved to a new state, paid and are paying education expenses, having been claimed as dependents for half of last year, having differing jobs and expenses, having no withholding for half of last year, now having state income taxes, etc…it seems like a major, confusing tax mess to me.

What to bring your accountant:

Note: Most of the items on the below list will mostly reflect what Jared and myself need to bring relative to our current situation. However, the helpful sources listed below contain more comprehensive lists.

  • Driver’s Licenses & Social Security Cards.
  • Bank account number & routing number (if depositing your refund directly into your account).
  • Earning Statements- W-2’s, 1099’s.
  • Last year’s tax returns.
  • Tuition & Education Expenses: Record of tuition, books, computer, and fees that you pay (you may be able to claim an education credit or deduction for the amounts you pay).
  • Record of charitable donations (tithing, ministry support).
  • Record of health insurance and medical bills.
  • Record of moving expenses.
  • Home Office Expenses: Record of business expenses (internet fees, office supplies, rent).
  • Record of state income taxes paid.

I separated all of our documents into categories: Earning Statements, Giving Statements, Education Expenses, Home Office Expenses, and Others (Health Insurance, Interest Earned, Etc.). Hopefully this system will prove to be helpful. I’ll give an update on that after we see our accountant.

Helpful Sources:

We haven’t made our accounting firm appointment yet, but hopefully we will in the next few days. We wanted to wait until after all of our medical trips into the city were finished. So now, it’s tax time, full speed ahead. I feel as though this is my first time doing “real-life adult taxes” because before, it was just me and my W-2; nothing too crazy since I also lived at home. Lots more to do and prepare for now. It’ll get done, but until then, I anxiously await the day it’s all over! Until next year. Well, happy filing! And good luck.


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