Getting Help With Taxes | Choosing a Tax Professional

“The IRS maintains a directory of registered tax return preparers who have credentials such as CPAs, attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and Annual Filing Season Program Participants who’ve voluntarily taken a number of continuing education hours in preparation for the filing season.

At a minimum, anyone who prepares tax returns for others for a fee should have a PTIN. If you want someone with more qualifications, you can use the directory to search for a credentialled preparer near you. Because fees can vary widely, it may be worth it to call around for estimates based on the complexity of your return and the level of service you need.

Remember that, while hiring a professional may involve a bigger cash outlay today, their advice may save you money in the long term, whether due to return mistakes that result in underpaid taxes and penalties or deductions you would have missed otherwise. Millennials currently encompass the ages of 18 to 24. Those are prime times for life changes that affect your taxes, including paying for higher education, repaying student loans, getting a job or starting your own business, beginning to save for retirement, getting married and starting a family. A professional tax preparer can help you navigate those issues now and continue to provide advice as your income – and the complexity of your return – grows.”

Read the full article here.

Find the IRS preparer directory here.

Our appointment with an accountant is this Friday. Wish us luck!


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