Learning More About YNAB

I’m finally getting around to preparing to learn more about YNAB‘s budgeting method. We haven’t purchased the program yet, but we still wanted to look into YNAB’s online classes, help guides, blog, and YouTube channel beforehand.

First step: Watch the Live Classes.

I just signed up for YNAB’s “Learn to Prioritize” course. After I finish this course, I’ll then register for “Deal With Your Debt“, and “Age Your Money“.

Second Step: Read the Help Guides.

Third Step: Try YNAB free for 34 days.

Fourth Step: While using the free trial, utilize YNAB’s blog, YouTube channel, and ask questions. See if this program is right and helpful for us.

Fifth Step: Purchase the program.

I’m hoping that the above steps I created for myself will encourage me to actively invest in and learn more about YNAB right now, and to stop putting it off. Traveling and medical appointments are over in the meantime, so no more excuses!


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