YNAB Live Classes & Help Guides


I’ve attended YNAB’s three free online classes, and they were very good introductions and general overviews. YNAB has posted similar lectures on their YouTube channel, so if you’re interested in viewing the class but not registering for the webinar, I have the links for you below as well as their applicable helpful guides (to be looked at after watching the lecture). A neat feature of attending a webinar though is that it is interactive – you’re able to ask questions during the class. So, do what works best for you, and happy learning!

Getting Started: Prioritize

Deal With Your Debt

Age Your Money

Watching the lectures brought about more questions, but I know that’s completely ok as that’s what happens when you’re learning!

So, Live Classes – done. Helpful Guides for Live Classes – done. Next step – go through additional Helpful Guides, blog posts, and YouTube videos. Then, possibly start a free 34 day trial.

(Our accounting appointment is this afternoon. I covet your prayers – please pray that everything goes well; that the cost of the appointment and the amount of taxes we owe isn’t above our current means. Thank you.)


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