Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Hello, and happy Tuesday. My goals for this week are to continue learning about personal finances and budgeting, compile our amazon/vitacost list for things we need, call for medical information and possibly make a few doctor’s appointments, create an expense spreadsheet for 2016 tax information (well, Jared is doing this but I’m helping a little bit) :), and wash the car sometime this week (did some *slight* mudding as we were leaving our cabin). I’d also like to make make a list of future things we need/want for when we return to our cabin in May (for example, we might need a large freezer for meat since Jared might start hunting soon). We can’t wait to get back!

  1. How to be a Better Kind of Traveler (Darling Magazine) | Travel
  2. What to Do If You Witness a Car Accident (Geico) | Auto Insurance, Car
  3. Dry Skin Emergency Preparedness (Hey Natalie Jean) | Dry Skin, Vaseline
  4. Work From Home? 4 Key Ways to Maximize Productivity (Forbes) | Home Office, Work
  5. Some Favorite Book Covers (Elephantine) | Inspiration
  6. Natural Tampons Only…Period. (FP Blog) | Wellness, Feminine
  7. Why I Threw Away My Television (FP Blog) | Life, TV
  8. 10 Smart Ways to Save on Housing (Living Well Spending Less) | Home, Frugality
  9. 2016 Election Calendar (The Skimm) | Elections *I don’t support this website, but this calendar is pretty handy and helps you to know what exactly is taking place and when.
  10. Follow These Simple Steps for a Stress-Free Tax Season (Apartment Therapy) | Taxes, Filing

Enjoy. I’m going to make another 10 Links I Love post later, being that I came across a lot of helpful/informative links. Happy exploring!


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