Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love, + a Few More

We’ve been quite busy this past week. A trip to the city on our day off, our bi-weekly grocery haul, our monthly online grocery/beauty haul, cleaning, work, making our 2016 tax spreadsheet, etc. I’ve been getting more sleep recently, which has been wonderful. Successfully started going to bed earlier which has been oh so helpful. We’re also quite excited to get back to our cabin in the mountains. It’s hard living in a place that isn’t “yours”, so to speak.

Here are some links I came across this past week. Happy exploring.

  1. Brookfarm General Store | Home, Inspiration *Seriously adding every expensive item to my wish list, maybe one day we can get these beauties
  2. Hobbies to the Glory of God (Tim Challies) | Encouragement
  3. That Cool Beauty Brand You’ve Seen (Darling Magazine) | Beauty *Expensive, but ahh maybe one day
  4. Dessert for Two | Desserts *We don’t eat much dessert at all, but this is cute
  5. Why You Should Say Buh-Bye to That Bargain-Basement Face Wash (Well+Good) | Beauty
  6. Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, Children Say (The NY Times) | Interesting, Parenting
  7. What is Your Exit Plan? (Challies) | Parenting, Interesting
  8. 3 Steps to Living Minimally (Darling Magazine) | Home, Life, Minimal
  9. Life in a Tiny Apartment, Survival Tip #100 (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Cleaning, Supplies *Again, adding these cleaning beauts to my ever-growing someday wish list
  10. The US Spends Less on Food Than Any Other Country in the World (International Business Times) | Interesting, Food *Which is crazy, because I feel like food is SO expensive here and such an annoyance in the oh so tight budget
  11. Bathroom Cleaning 101: Tutorials, Lessons & Tips (Apartment Therapy) | Bathroom, Cleaning
  12. How I Became a Morning Person (Her Campus) | Wellness
  13. Sketchbook #37 (Oana Befort) | Inspiration, Art
  14. Clean Your House Like a Broke Millennial (Business Insider) | Cleaning, Companies



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