Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Busy busy busy. Aren’t we all? We just finished getting our new (used) car’s oil and filter changed, and it feels pretty good to get that done! Jared’s tablet died, unfortunately, just five months after purchasing it and the warranty ended two months ago. As such, we’re trying to figure out what to do next. Sharing my work computer is going ok, but once his semester starts back up he’ll definitely need something for himself. Well, I hope your Saturday is going splendidly, and here are some links I came across. Happy exploring.

  1. Here’s Why I Make the Same Recipes for Dinner Every Week (Apartment Therapy) | Cooking, Recipes
  2. 8 Tips for Taking Great Photos (A Cup of Jo) | Photography
  3. 5 Beauty Products Every Camper Needs (FP Blog) | Camping, Beauty
  4. I Used Thinx Underwear With No Backup for 3 Periods & Here’s What I Discovered (Bustle) | Feminine, Wellness
  5. Essentials for a Minimalist Kitchen (mindbodygreen) | Kitchen, Supplies
  6. What Are Eye Floaters and Why Am I Seeing Them All the Time? (Self) | Wellness, Eye Floaters
  7. The Privilege of the Pastor’s Wife (Challies) | Encouragement, Prayer
  8. How to Beat That Bad Mood (Challies) | Encouragement
  9. How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro (Apartment Therapy) | Windows, Cleaning
  10. This Weekend: Shed Some of Your Winter Weight (Apartment Therapy) | Cleaning, Clothing



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