Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Happy Wednesday! My to-do list is starting to overwhelm me – I keep telling myself, “Focus on one thing at a time,” “Breathe,”. We’ve done a lot of traveling this week and last, so I’m slightly behind on things to do for work and at the house. Jared and I hope to travel back to our cabin soon – we’d like to take in the scenery, and I’d love to do some decluttering and simplifying of everything we have in the cabin. It’s such a good feeling, getting rid of the things you don’t use or need anymore. Plus, we need all of the extra space we can get! Today, I’m *hoping* I can finish these tasks: make a vinegar rinse, purge my beauty supplies, wash my hairbrushes, do a vitacost order, declutter my temporary office, organize medical receipts and mileage (did you know you can possibly write off mileage made for medical appointments on your taxes?), organize photos on flickr, start on some letters, and potentially start on a new budgeting program. Phew. Here are ten links, happy exploring:

  1. 5 Rules of Airplane Snacks, According to a Flight Attendant (the kitchn) | Traveling, Food
  2. Why Turning on Post Notifications Won’t Help (Steffy’s Pros and Cons) | Instagram
  3. Baby Proof: Gifts for New Parents (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Parenting, Gifts
  4. 12 Natural Remedies to Soothe an Upset Stomach (The Chalkboard) | Wellness, Remedies
  5. A No-Stress Schedule for Spring Cleaning (Darling Magazine) | Cleaning, Seventh Generation
  6. Spring Cleaning With Stowaway (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Beauty, Makeup
  7. Why We Say NO to Gifts (Living Well Spending Less) | Parenting, Children, Gifts
  8. 3 Ways to Stop Buying Clothes You’ll Never Wear (Darling Magazine) | Minimalism, Wardrobe
  9. 7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know the Location Of (The Art of Manliness) | Home, Maintenance
  10. Dark Souls T-Shirts & Hoodies (Red Bubble) | Nerd, Shirts



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