Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

Phew, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? Jared and I have been on the road A LOT these past few weeks. We’re also moving in a few weeks, and then moving to another apartment a week after that. While running errands, we stopped in a fabulous thrift store, and stocked up on a few really nice dress shirts for Jared! Win win! He’s been needing some updated dress shirts for awhile, and these new (used) ones fit him perfectly.

  1. Drink Yourself Skinny with 3 Detox Water Recipes (Hello Glow) | Yum
  2. Get More Out of Your Immersion Blender with These 5 Tips (the kitchn) | Kitchen, Tools
  3. 12 Best Teas for Clear, Glowing Skin (Hello Glow) | Yum
  4. Waste Less Food (FP Blog) | Food, Simplicity
  5. Infographic: The Shelf Life of Food (the kitchn) | Food, Storage
  6. Healthy, Natural Nails with Hortus Nailworks (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Beauty, Nails
  7. How to Be An Apartment Homesteader (The Prairie Homestead) | Apartment Living, Garden
  8. 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Budget (The Humbled Homemaker) | Budget, Finances
  9. 5 High Priced Items You Should Budget For in Your 20’s and 30’s (The EveryGirl) | Budget, Finances
  10. Natural Home Organization & Cleaning Checklist (Wellness Mama) | Cleaning

Enjoy. Happy Monday, and happy exploring!


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