Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

We’re officially settled into our new apartment, and live on the second floor above a library – it’s quaint and cozy #lifeinatinyapartment. I also just finished rotating my closet, and now the only clothes I have out are spring and summer ensembles, and pregnancy friendly clothes.

I made a homemaking binder! I’m quite pleased with it – it’s filled with my cleaning routine checklist, as well as a bi-weekly meal planning schedule and recipes for the next two weeks. We finally got around the purchasing a new slow cooker (yay for giftcards!), so I hope to utilize this handy tool for a lot of our meals (hello high elevation cooking). My goal is to continue learning more about cooking and cleaning.

I’m seriously wanting & loving Glossier’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 sets. They’re on the higher end price wise, and most of the time the company is out of stock on many items. However, I like to dream that one day I’ll be the proud owner of Glossier products.

Here are some links I’ve come across. Enjoy.

  1. Encouraging Wednesdays (French Press Mornings) | Art, Prints
  2. The Best 5 Workouts to Squeeze in Before Work (Darling Magazine) | Health, Exercise
  3. Don’t Bite Me: 10 DIY Bug Repellents (Apartment Therapy) | Bug Spray, Natural
  4. Our Honest Thoughts About Glossier (Glitter Guide) | Makeup, Glossier *Adding to my wish list
  5. The Grocery-Store Tea That Changed My Life (the kitchn) | Tea, Wellness
  6. Easy Baking Soda Air Freshener – Tutorial (Smashed Peas and Carrots) | Cleaning, Home
  7. Best Bird Houses: Bushy, Big and Cute (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Nature
  8. 3 Tips for Making a Perfect Bouquet Every Time (Fresh Exchange) | Flowers
  9. Get the Benefits of Being a Morning Person – Without Waking Up Early (Well+Good) | Sleep, Wellness
  10. Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing This Summer (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Fragrance

Happy exploring!


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