Microfiber Cloths


We saved up, and I was able to buy a 24-pack of microfiber cloths! I’ve heard great things about them, and I’m sure excited to give them a try and incorporate them more into my cleaning routine. So far, I’ve used my microfiber cloths for dusting, and oh! How wonderful and easy and effective it is. For dusting, all you have to do is wet the cloth (for tougher dusting, otherwise you can just keep it dry) and then voila, you can run it across most any surface and it does a fantastic job at collecting and trapping dust.

Caring for your Microfiber Cloth:

  • Wash in cold water separately
  • Air dry (they dry pretty quickly)
  • After using, toss in a “rag” bucket or mesh bag until wash day

Microfiber Cloth Uses:

  • Dust surfaces, furniture, lights, fan blades,etc. with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Clean lamps with microfiber cloths
  • Wash windows and windowsills with microfiber
  • Wipe down electronics and electronic screens with microfiber
  • Mop floors with microfiber
  • Wipe down walls and switch plates with microfiber
  • Shine mirrors and windows with microfiber
  • Clean inside of the fridge and freezer with microfiber
  • Clean sink and fixture with microfiber
  • Wash cabinet doors and knobs with microfiber
  • Counters, tile, shower, tub – you can use microfiber for all of these

The general rule is to use a wet microfiber cloth for cleaning and a dry one for dusting.

Check out Wellness Mama’s post on microfiber, and how she incorporates them into her home and cleaning routine.


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