Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love, + a Few More

Currently preparing for a week and a half trip to my home state. I’m so excited to get there and spend time with everyone! Today is laundry day, plus weekly chores day; I’m to start the slow cooker in a moment, and I’m working in between. The pregnancy is going really well – the only “complaint” (it’s not really a complaint) I have is that none of my clothes are comfortable, not even the maternity pants I have! I’m on the lookout for cozy, chic dresses that will work for everyday wear.

  1. Don’t Bite Me: 10 DIY Bug Repellents (Apartment Therapy) | Mosquitoes, Sprays
  2. 4 Easy DIY Car Cleaning Tricks (Geico) | Cars, Maintenance *The toothpaste trick is neat!
  3. 4 Ways to Avoid Work Burnout You Haven’t Thought Of (Darling Magazine) | Work, Tips
  4. Yoga to Detox From Your Desk Job (FP Blog) | Stretching, Wellness *Not into the mysticism of yoga, but these stretches look quite nice.
  5. How to Make “Paperless” Paper Towels (Darling Magazine) | Home, Cleaning, DIY
  6. St. Paul House Tour (A Cup of Jo) | Inspiration *This home looks so charming!
  7. How to Negotiate a Raise (Living Well Spending Less) | Work
  8. Goodbye My Love (The Freckled Fox) | Emily (who is my age) recently lost her husband, father to their five children.
  9. I Forbid You to Say These Things at My Funeral (Challies) | Encouragement
  10. 6 Things to Eliminate From Your Living Room Right Now (Apartment Therapy) | Home
  11. 8 Healthy Ideas For Junk Food Cravings (Well+Good) | Snacks, Wellness
  12. Do the Next Thing (Desiring God) | Encouragement, Elisabeth Elliot
  13. Passion Planner | Product, Office, Work *These look really neat! Check out their Instagram as well.
  14. These Water Balloons are Blowing My Mind (A Cup of Jo) | Neat, Kids
  15. Why You Should Clean Your Work Desk Immediately (Well+Good) | Work, Clean
  16. 8 Ways to Save Money on Meat (Money Saving Mom) | Meat, Meal Planning, Cooking
  17. 5 Tips for Making Weekday Workouts Happen (The EveryGirl) | Wellness
  18. What Successful Women Do (Almost) Every Day (Well+Good) | Work, Wellness
  19. Here’s What 1 Pound of Vegetables Looks Like (The Kitchn) | Cooking, Meal Planning
  20. 10 Must-Know Tips for Smarter Slow-Cooking (The Kitchn) | Cooking, Meal Planning, Slow Cooker

Happy exploring! There are so many articles this week!


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