Washing Dishes By Hand


Get a routine – keep up with it, and wash as you go

Get organized – have designated spaces for dirty dishes and drying dishes

Treat yourself – listen to music or lectures while you clean, and/or purchase dish supplies that are lovely and that you enjoy using


  • Fill the sink.
    • Clean the sink and rinse.
    • Plug the drain and add dish soap.
    • Fill the left side of the sink 1/3-1/2 with hot water.
  • Wash dishes from cleanest to dirtiest.
  • Soak, scrub, rinse, drain.
    • Scrub the dishes, place them in the right side of the sink, rinse when the sink becomes full, place the rinsed dishes on the drying rack. Repeat.
  • Empty the sink, and clean the drain plug and sink.
  • If you have more dishes than drying rack space, use a dish towel to dry and put away clean dishes.



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