Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love, + a Few More

Hello all. I do hope you’re well! I’ve got daily and weekly chores calling my name, but not until I eat a little something =) Remember to get in your exercise for the day, and drink a lot of water. Making time to read a book is also good thing to try to set time aside for.

  1. Declutter (In a Big Way!) by Asking Yourself One Simple Question (Apartment Therapy) | Minimalism, Simplicity, Home
  2. Here’s How to Have a Perfect Nap, According to Science (Apartment Therapy) | Wellness, Naps
  3. Wellness Encyclopedia: 10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil (FP Blog) | Wellness, Coconut Oil
  4. How To Properly Store Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onion, and Garlic (Live Simply by Annie) | Produce, Storage
  5. Make It Special: 7 Simple Ways to Customize a Rental Apartment (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Renters
  6. 11 Ways to Add a Little Style to Your Rental Kitchen (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Renters
  7. 5 Simple Ways to Get Back Into Working Out After Weeks of Skipping the Gym (Elite Daily) | Wellness, Fitness
  8. The 5 Best Places to Find a Homemaking Mentor (Keeper of the Home) | Homemaking *I have and am still learning on my own – as of now, I’m relying on helpful sources.
  9. A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism (Founders) | Theology
  10. 21 Things to Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet on the Grill (or Over the Fire) (Kitchn) | Food, Skillet
  11. 18 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Dream Backyard (Apartment Therapy) | Fun *I’m loving the look of natural swimming pools!
  12. Relaxing Kitchen Rituals for a Better Night’s Sleep (Kitchn) | Cleaning
  13. 7 Surprising Health Tips From Blake Lively’s Trainer (The Chalkboard) | Wellness, Fitness
  14. How Often Do You Really Need To Wash Your Activewear? (Well+Good) | Fitness, Laundry
  15. Habit Shift: Water (Reading My Tea Leaves) | Wellness, Water
  16. Be You, Tea Full: Why You Should Drink More Tea (FP Blog) | Wellness, Tea

Happy exploring!


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