My Tips for Pregnancy

I am in no way an expert, but here are some insights and tips I’ve found helpful throughout my pregnancy with twins thus far.

Stick to a regular sleep schedule.

Drink A LOT of water.

Eat well. (It’s ok if you slip up every now and then).

Keep a regular exercise routine. (It’s ok if, due to first trimester sickness, you don’t exercise until into your second trimester).

Take care of your feet. Soak them a couple times a week, and wear shoes with good arch support. You’re carrying around a lot more now and your feet will thank you!

Wear compression hose. Even if you don’t have venous issues, per say, you’re pumping a lot more blood through your body, and compression will help to get that blood flowing properly and even reduce swelling and sore feet and legs.

Invest in nursing bras now. They’re oh so nice.

Do kegels.

Stretch marks are inevitable, and not something to be feared or ashamed of. Your body is wonderful and you’re growing a baby!

Thrift stores are wonderful! No shame. Saving money is awesome.

And there you have it. Any more helpful tips? Comment below!



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