10 Links I Love | Happy Exploring!

Hello everyone. My to do list today consists of daily chores, preparing the crock pot for dinner, organizing my letter writing supplies, organizing my bookmarks on the computer, and possibly, if I have time, writing thank you letters for baby shower gifts and reading my women’s study book. I also have some homemaking subjects and questions I’d like to research, but again, only if I have time.

I started making baby essential purchases, and what fun that has been! There are a few things we’re going to wait to purchase until the due date gets nearer. But my next step is researching hospital bags and what items I should bring for the birth.

This weekend my husband and I will be traveling to the “big city” for a baby thrift store, as well as some other shops we’d like to peruse 🙂 I’m quite excited for our outing!

  1. How My Tiny Kitchen Taught Me to Love Cooking (Kitchn) | Home, Kitchen, Cooking
  2. Bring the Outdoors In: 10 Naturally Gorgeous DIY Projects (Apartment Therapy) | Decor, DIY
  3. 10 Spots to Sneak in a Little More Shelf Storage (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Shelving
  4. 15 Veggie Snacks for Feel-Good Munching (Kitchn) | Yum, Snacks
  5. IKEA Coupon: Get $20 off any $150 purchase (Money Saving Mom) | IKEA, Coupon
  6. Your Workspace Needs a Pretty Calendar (Apartment Therapy) | Work, Calendars
  7. 8 Storage Secret Weapons You Shouldn’t Be Living Without (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Storage
  8. Self Worth vs Net Worth: 10 Personal Finance Habits to Change ASAP (The Chalkboard) | Personal Finances
  9. Small Space Solutions: 7 Spots to Add a Little Extra Storage (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Storage
  10. Ocean-Inspired Art (A Cup of Jo) | Ocean, Art

Happy exploring!


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