Happy Exploring! | 10 Links I Love

So much has happened. Jared and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and a few days later my sister welcomed her son into the world. We’re so in love with our nephew! My pregnancy is going well and the boys are growing stronger every day. My energy levels are a lot lower though, which makes it harder for me to get through a day’s work (housework, homemaking, my job, preparing for the babies, exercising, etc.); but it is just a season and in a few short months our boys will enter this world. =)

We have yet to purchase bottle supplies (to have on hand), hospital bag items such as nursing & necessary maternity clothing (I really don’t have any), diaper bag items such as baby toiletries, and baby clothing. We just have to do a little bit at a time (having a baby, two babies, is quite expensive!), and I anxiously hope to get all of this accomplished by the end of September (at the latest). At this moment, we’re still unsure as to whether our boys will be born naturally or via c-section, or even where they’ll be born for that matter (all is well, though they are considered high risk, thus, the uncertainty). This makes it difficult to properly plan, but I know God is working everything together for good.

Being self-employed, I don’t get paid maternity leave – so I’m trying my hardest to work overtime and get as much done so that we’re prepared for the time I’m not working. Please pray for me in this as my energy levels and exhaustion are pushed even more.

Happy exploring!

    1. Weekend Do: Create a Bullet Jounral (FP Blog) | Inspiration, Journal
    2. “Tangled” Is The Most Beautiful Disney Movie, and Here’s the Proof (Buzzfeed) | Disney, Art
    3. When Is It Time to Take a Break From Your Workout? (FP Blog) | Wellness, Fitness
    4. How to Handle the Bedroom Chair Pile-Up For Good: 6 No-Hanger, No-Fold Options for Casual Clothes Storage (Apartment Therapy) | Home, Organization
    5. The Real Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (FP Blog) | Wellness, ACV
    6. House Tour: A Dreamy, Rustic, Eclectic 1729 Yorkshire Farmhouse (Apartment Therapy) | Inspiration, Home
    7. Is Sitting as Bad as Smoking? (Well+Good) | Wellness, Work
    8. On Comparison in Motherhood (Cloistered Away) | Parenting
    9. World’s First 3D-Printed Violin (Nerdist) | Very cool!
    10. Four Ways to Pray in the Wake of Zika (Desiring God) | Prayer, Encouragement



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