Wildwood Cabin


Home sweet home for us is our 600 square foot cabin. It’s very cozy and efficient. Frugality is a constant theme as we are living on only a part-time income. The Lord has been faithful to provide for us each and every day for our daily needs. He promises to provide, and He will. I currently work part time from home. Jared is currently in school and will be for the next three+ years. His work hours are quite varied and are usually very low or nonexistent during slow business months. We’re currently trying to look into other work options for him as our rural town basically has a nonexistent job market. Jared and I are the only ones at the seminary trying to pay our own way through each semester. While the school’s cost is very low, it is still quite challenging. It’ll take us longer to get through school, but that’s ok! Praying for provision. So, I’m learning a lot about how to live minimally and frugally, and hopefully some of what I’m learning will be helpful to you as well.

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